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Noel Heikkinen: Make Something Happen

June 6, 2011

Our church grows rapidly. A lot of people. Small budget. Small staff. What to do with all these people? We began to start things. Anybody who came up with a great idea, we said “let’s do it.” The number of our ministries began to grow and grow. Criteria: person who came up with the idea and got there first became an official ministry; they got the little bit of money and little bit of coaching. Every year – staff evaluations: you are doing too much. We need to free you up. Game changing moment – We decided to focus and to stop doing a lot of good stuff. Pastors were assigned core areas to focus on. Other ministries did not have pastoral coaching or a budget provided by the church. Painful, but it changed our church. The core ministry leaders got more from the pastors; they took off. We encourage every Christ follower to be out making things happen. If they had an idea, they just go do it! Don’t need coaching, finance. It’s their responsibility to make it happen. Fits with our goal: To make sacrificial followers of Jesus: grow, serve, go. When we loaded people with restrictions, guidelines and budgets, they weren’t out making things happen. Indie Ministries have exploded. Less is definitely more.

Discussion Questions:
1. How have you focused your church?
2. In what ways do you free people to “make something happen”?

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