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Jorge Acevedo: Write it Down

January 19, 2011

Write It Down

Game changer was transition from heroic solo leader to a team generative leader. Needed a new way of leading. 

We were growing, adding campuses. The direct reports and decision-making came to me. It wasn’t micromanaging; it was just our way of doing things. Spiritual Leadership, Inc. – a group of Christian businessmen who knew a lot about healthy, holy systems.

We did not have sustainable healthy, holy systems or teams. My directional leadership would only take us so far.

We needed to get serious about having healthy, holy systems, processes and teams. Got very serious about getting on paper what our vision, values, strategy and structure were. All of these were locked in my head. It wasn’t written or mutually agreed upon. The processes of the church, its values, would have died with me.

Created a playbook—defines vision, DNA/values, strategy (reach, connect, form, send), structure, responsibilities of teams (directive teams doing legislative work and operational teams doing adaptive work).

Getting it on paper has given a more permission-giving environment. Helps us consider how we can be more healthy and holy in the game together.

Discussion Questions:
1. If you died, would the vision, values, and processes of your church or organization die with you?

2. How are you encouraging a “permission-giving” environment?

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