The Role of the Bible in the
Future of the Church

Annie F. Downs

Using Social Media Platforms
to Make an Impact

Cole Labrant

Running Hard and
Digging Deep

Gabrielle Odom

Tomorrow's Church Must Take
Community Seriously

Hannah Brencher

Purpose Without a Plan is a
Recipe for Failure

Luke Lezon

Changing Lives One Life
at a Time

Morgan Harper Nichols

How to Reach the Next Generation
with the Love of Jesus

Samuel Rodriguez

How Artists are Important to the
Future of the Church


Reinventing Your Church and
Your Leadership

Carey Nieuwhof

Words of Caution and Encouragement for
Next-Generation Church Leaders

Francis Chan

How to Disciple the Next Generation
of Church Leaders

Grant Skeldon

Helping the Church Bring Value to the
Next Generation

Hannah Gronowski

The Future Church Needs to
Be a Safe Place

Monica Zuniga

Impacting College Students and Addressing
Their Doubt about Jesus

Noah Herrin

Loving Scripture, Biblical Literacy, and
the Future of the Church

Tara Leigh Cobble

How Prayer Can Dramatically Impact the
Future of the Church

Will Chung

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