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Neil Cole: Keep It Simple

March 25, 2011

Keep It Simple

CMA – set a goal: train people in church planting all over the world. To fulfill Great Commission we have to learn to see the entire world, lift our eyes to the global harvest.

CMA has developed lots of strategies, tools, and resources
– If a strategy doesn’t work as well in Calcutta as in California, we put it on the shelf of shame
– In writing you have to kill your darlings. (William Faulkner)
– We loved producing them (they were our darlings)
– If they don’t reproduce to the ends of the earth, they won’t fulfill the Great Commission

Over the course of 20 years:
– unlearning how to do church,
– unlearning what it means to be a leader,
– so we don’t create dependency but reproduction

We came up with a few things that do work. Simple criteria to evaluate our resources and tools:
1) Can it be received personally?
– Does it make a difference in my life?
– If it doesn’t change my life, not going to hand it toanyone else

2) Is it repeated easily? Can I write it on a napkin and pass it on to the next person?
– Simple reproduces, complex does not
– Shelf of shame – too complex

3) Can it be reproduced strategically?
– Can it work in other contexts and cultures
– Can it be translated in other languages and still work?
– Universal principles vs.culturally bound ones

Simplified to most powerful and most elemental.
Packaged in way that is simple and reproducible.

Our vision: to reproduce healthy disciples, leaders, churches, and movements from the place where we are planted to the ends of the earth.

Discussion Questions:

1. Does your vision reach to the ends of the earth? If not, why not?
2. Evaluate your ministry. Are your strategies personal, reproducible, and repeatable?

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