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January 11, 2015

Accelerating Leadership Development in Rapidly Growing Churches

For the past 6 years, I’ve had the privilege to lead Leadership Network’s Leadership Development Initiatives. We’ve had approximately 60 large churches participate and together, we’ve discovered five key ways to see effective leadership development accelerate in larger churches.

First: The senior leader and lead team have bought into the reality that developing leaders, rather than just running good programs, is mission critical.

Second: Someone on the lead team is waking up every day thinking about leadership development and how keep it central across each of its ministries. Sunday comes along with an alarming frequency.  New opportunities and challenges arise everyday.  Unless someone keeps their eye on the ball driving leadership development to the table, it quickly takes a back seat.

Third:  The senior leader and  lead team have integrated leadership development into the strategic plan. The lead team knows how many leaders at various levels of the organization have to be developed in order to accomplish the church’s strategic plan. images (4)

Fourth: Churches evaluate their staff teams effectiveness by the degree to which they develop leaders rather than just individual staff performance in programming their ministry areas.

Fifth: Churches have developed comprehensive church wide delivery systems to develop leaders at various levels across the church. While models may vary (class model, apprentice model, individual directed learning models), these churches have been relentless with implementation, evaluation and constant improvement.

Does your church have all the fully equipped leaders it needs to accomplish the vision and mission that it is so passionately committed to carry out?

If you are really looking to maximize your vision through a growing number of leaders, you need to be a part of HUB.  HUB is a new offering from Leadership Network.  Through this dynamic, collaborative 12-month experience, we will be diving into leadership development with churches across North America, giving you a chance to meet with expert thinkers and experienced practitioners to exchange ideas, gain insights, and accelerate results.  To learn more about HUB, click on the button below.


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