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Naeem Fazal: Prayer Warrior

April 22, 2011

First – realizing that I was delegating out prayer. I created a team ministry and delegated the prayer. Prayer people were crazy. I wasn’t crazy. So the leader didn’t pray. The Lord showed me that if I wasn’t going to pray, if I’m not going to be the Lead Prayer Warrior, it’s not going to work. Second – My prayer life stunk. I didn’t pray for the impossible. I kept the prayers in the “possible” realm because as senior leader, people were looking at me. So my prayers had to work. I wouldn’t pray stuff that would be impossible; that would leave pie in my face. It was all God – I need, you have to . . . they were “pity” prayers. Not pie in the face prayers. I realized I would rather have pie in my face than have Jesus say, “Why didn’t you have faith?”

Game changer: Realize you can’t delegate prayer. If it’s up to me, our ministry is going to be a house of prayer.

Discussion Questions:
1. Are you the lead prayer warrior or the lead delegator?
2. Describe the last time you prayed a “pie-in-your face” prayer.

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