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My Business, My Mission

July 15, 2009

Lloyd Reeb in his book Success
to Significance
writes about the 4 stages of the Halftime Journey.  At each stage the Halftimer is asking
different questions and requires different tools and resources to answer those
questions.  In the first stage of the Halftime
journey, Lloyd tells us that the Halftimer needs to hear of other people like
him or herself who have traveled down the road beforehand.  They need to hear stories that will not only
inspire, but engage the Halftimer to want to take the first step.  There heart is stirring for something
different and they need to know that there are other options than golf for
their second half.  Doug Seebeck and
Timothy Stoner have developed a great tool for innovative ministry leaders to
use in order to help their business leaders who are in the first stage of the


I read My Business My Mission cover to cover, I did feel a little bit like I
was reading the same chapter over and over again, however, the stories were
compelling enough to still want to continue on to the next chapter.  For a Halftimer who is looking to be
inspired, thumbing through this book and picking out two or three stories that resonates
with his/her heart would be a perfect on-ramp to a conversation about how they
might begin to use their marketplace skills for the Kingdom.  It takes an innovative minister to dare to
inspire a business leader to do something other than serve on the elder board
or write a big check, but a conversation with a business leader to help them
use their marketplace skills for a global impact might just be what the world
needs.  My Business My Mission is a great
catalyst for this type of conversation. 

My business My Business, My Mission: Fighting Poverty Through Relationships by Doug Seebeck and Timothy Stoner.

Available here.

Reviewed by Mike Hall, Director of Engagement for Halftime, an initiative of Leadership Network

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