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Multisite Survey to Show Latest Trends

August 21, 2013


Multisite Survey to Show Latest Trends


Leadership Network has just launched a global survey of multisite churches. If you’re part of a church that has more than one campus, here are some great reasons to tell us what you’re learning:

1. Money. Your time is valuable so we’re offering you a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card for participating.

2. Immediate Feedback. As soon as you complete the survey you'll be directed to “Multisite: The Next Decade,” a series of blog posts featuring discussions by multisite churches and leaders on what the next ten years will bring for the movement.

3. Key Learnings. After we tally the survey, we’ll send you a free summary with highlights of what others said.

4. Helping Others. With your help, this survey can become the largest survey of multisite churches ever conducted. It may also be the first to compare the multisite movement internationally. Recent years have seen an explosion of multisite churches globally – in the U.S. alone over 5,000 churches now identify themselves as one church in two or more locations. There is much to learn from each other!

This survey is for multisite churches of all sizes anywhere in the world.

         Here’s the link:

(If you don't take the survey yourself, but send it to someone else, you will still be eligible for the gift cards drawing if you send us an email at letting us know who you forwarded the survey to.)

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