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Multisite Questions: Content Delivery

May 9, 2013

One of the common questions that multisite churches ask today is about the content delivery of the weekly messages. Even churches that plan to use a teaching team at times want to replay a message from the Senior/Lead Pastor to all of the churches campuses. It continues to be one of the most challenging areas for churches planning to launch a new location – particularly those using video for the weekend message.

The complexity of the situation can be overwhelming for churches on the journey – particularly those without a full-time technical staff position. So, before we explore some delivery options, let’s consider two thoughts. First, keep it simple and easily reproducible. Second, consider providing the video in multiple formats in case your primary delivery method fails.

Here are some options that you should consider:

  • Hard Drive Delivery: Many churches use types of hard drives to deliver the message content. These devices can range from the Ki Pro HD/SD recorder and player to the Panasonic AG-HMR10 Handheld AVCCAM HD recorder and player. Each device provides unique opportunities for delivering content, with the Panasonic using the compact SD Card for simple transport.
  • Internet Delivery: Other churches are using the internet for delivering content. DVR services from platforms provided by 316 Networks or Haivision’s KulaByte technology. Each normally offer broadcast quality internet video that is stored in the “cloud” for use at multiple locations at any time. If you have a reliable internet connection, it’s definitely a format worth considering.
  • Satellite Delivery: Churches like are using satellite technology. Bobby Gruenewald posted a couple of great blog posts a few years ago on using Satellite for delivering content. Those posts can be found HERE  and HERE.

No matter what you decide for content delivery, remember that there is likely not a perfect solution. However, there is a best solution for your church depending on how your ministry is staffed and what technology you have invested in.

What if I need other help launching a site?
Leadership Network is currently launching a new Multisite JumpStart group in September. If you are looking to launch your first location in the next 6-12 months, this lab may be perfect for you. You can apply by filling out the online application HERE.

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