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Multisite: Next Decade Wrap Up

September 5, 2012

Our recent Multisite: Next Decade Innovation Lab journey has concluded.  I hope you enjoyed the incredible resources provided by our group of seasoned ministries.  I am thankful for the time spent with such great leaders and their willingness to share with us so many aspects of their ministry.  As Warren Bird pointed out in a recent Leadership Network blog post, multisite churches now number more than 5,000.  That's BIG news!!  Sharing in each others successes and struggles helps to strengthen the core of ministries worldwide.

If you have missed any of the post in this series, please visit our Multisite Resource page.  In addition to this series, there is an extensive list of resources such as books, concept papers and a Q&A section.  Here are some highlights from our Multisite: Next Decade series:


  • Mutlisite: Next Decade – What's at the Core?
    Taking a look at the DNA of pioneering multisite churches
  • Multisite: Next Decade – Avoiding the Dumb Tax
    Our participates share some of the things they wish they would have known sooner or done a little differently.
  • Multisite: Next Decade – The Big Idea
    What would you do with a $1 million grant?  Take a look at how our pioneering churches would use this gift to impact the Kingdom.
  • Multsite: Next Decade – Leadership Development
    An excellent blog post with Jeff Conley, Director of Organizational Development for Rent-a-Center.
  • Multsite: Next Decade – Missional Communities
    Greg Nettle joins us to elaborate on how RiverTree Christian Church is leveraging GoCommunities.
  • Multisite: Next Decade – Mergers
    Jim Tomberlin talks with us about his new book, “Better Together:  Making Church Mergers Work.”
  • Multisite: Next Decade – Rural
    Andy Addis of CrossPoint in Hutchinson, KS discusses the challenges and wins of the everyday operations of a rual, multisite church.


Take a look here for more information on upcoming Innovation Labs.


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