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Multisite Next Decade – What’s at the Core? (part 4)

August 8, 2012

In our final installment of “What's at the Core?”, we visit with, Christ Fellowship and Calvary Chapel.  Please join me as we learn what the essentials are to their multisite strategy and DNA.

1.  Live satellite broadcast

2.  Early adoption of centralized support

3.  Growing larger and smaller at the same time



Christ Fellowship 

1. Video Venue – Regional Church

2. Consistent Vision Casting

3.  Strong Alignment – Branding for all locations



Calvary Chapel

1.  DNA of every Campus Pastor must include the same philosophy of ministry and culture as the main campus

2.  Always looking at ways to reach the next community

3.  Strive for excellence in presentation


Please join the conversation by responding to one or all of these questions in the comments.

1.  What was a surprise for you in the, Christ Fellowship and Calvary Chapel stories?
2.  What is at the core of your multisite strategy?


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