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Multisite Next Decade – What’s at the Core? (part 3)

July 25, 2012

Up next in “What's at the Core?”, we visit with Jason Mitchell of LCBC – Lives Changed By Christ and Tommy Cartwright of Manna Church.  Please join me as we learn what the essentials are to their multisite strategy and DNA.



LCBC – Lives Changed By Christ

1.  Brand Management – Creating an identical environment in each campus

2. Volunteers – Minimal paid staff and numerous volunteers 




Manna Church

1. One Church / Multiple Locations

2. Video Driven

3. Central Support Structure


Please join the conversation by responding to one or all of these questions in the comments.

1.  What was a surprise for you in the LCBC and Manna Church stories?
2.  What is at the core of your multisite strategy?


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