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Multisite Next Decade – What’s at the Core? (part 2)

July 16, 2012

In this week installment of “What's at the Core?”, we visit with Mark Jobe of New Life Community Church and Jeff Kinney of Seacoast Church.  Please join me as we learn what the essentials are to their multisite strategy and DNA.


1.  All about big cities
2.  Planting movement churches
1.  Strong passion and desire to be “one church”
2.  Ability to take advantages of opportunities quickly
3.  Strong multi-generational teaching team

Please join the conversation by responding to one or all of these questions in the comments.

1.  What was a surprise for you in the New Life Community Church and Seacoast Church stories?
2.  What is at the core of your multisite strategy?


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