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Multisite Next Decade – Mergers

August 15, 2012

Next up in recapping our “cafe sessions,” we have the opportunity to listen to Jim Tomberlin.  Jim is the co-author of “Better Together:  Making Church Mergers Work” and a leader in the multisite movement.  Although mergers have long been thought of as counter-productive, Jim offers up new data that suggests it is the greatest asset to growing churches looking to expand their reach into the community.  Join me as we hear from Jim…

**Please excuse the audio quality**


Big Ideas:

1.  80% of all churches are at a plateau, dead or dying.  20% need more space.

2.  Mergers are a great option for growing churches to fast track their multisite initiatives.



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1.  What was a surprise for you in Jim Tomberlin's story?
2.  What are the biggest questions your church has regarding mergers?

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