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Multisite: Next Decade – Avoiding the Dumb Tax (Part 4)

August 13, 2012

In our final installment of Multisite: Next Decade – Avoiding the  Dumb Tax (Part 4), we learn from Seacoast Church and Woodside Bible Church by asking them the same question…”What are the things that you didn't know when you started and that you do know now and how did you learn them?”  Join me as we gather some insight into their ministries and the knowledge they have gathered along the way.


Seacoast Church

1 . The people that come to a video church don’t care as much about how the message is delivered but about the quality of the message being delivered. (stumbled upon
2.  The strain planting campuses put on the original site staff before we built our Central Support Team. (trial & error)
3.  Planting the first campus less than a mile from the original campus did not work.  (trial & error)
4.  People view their campus pastor as their pastor even though the only preach 4 times a year or less. (stumbled upon)
5.  Before you send an untested leader all the way across the country “alone” to start a campus…just don’t do it. (trial & error)
6.  How you manage campuses 100+ miles away from the original campus is very different than how you manage those near the original campus. (trial & error)
7.  Every system is only effective within a certain range of organizational size.  You need to be constantly vigilant for signs that a system that has always worked well is no longer effective. (learning in progress)


Woodside Bible Church

1.  Management:  Our organizational structure was not conducive to Multisite.  Every decision had to go by the Executive Pastor which bottlenecked development.  (research and trial and error)
2.  Proximity – Our campuses are at least a 20 minute drive from each other.  (research)
3.  Personal dynamics creep in –  (stumbled on it and trial and error)
4.  Staffing – Put people on right seat on the bus – (trial and error unfortunately and some research)
5.  Multisite would stretch our limits.  Our present systems and structure will not sustain.  (trial and error and research)
6.  Alignment is not automatic.  (trial and error – we see it, but haven’t solved it)
7.  Our program driven church model isn’t ultimately sustainable – (trial and error and research)
8.  Church growth does not equal kingdom growth – Can’t assume discipleship is happening simply because you are opening new campuses.   (trial and error and research)
9.  Financing – we can launch a campus on a shoe string budget (179,000).   (trial and error)
10.  Teaching team – live teaching possible (campus pastor and teaching team member combo) (trial and error)
11.   Mergers – they succeed.  (trial and error and stumbled on it)
12.   Healthy requires focus – we launch fairly well, but continued growth and development is proving to be more challenging than expected.  (trial and error)


What about you?

Join the conversation by commenting and  sharing your learnings so that others can avoid the multisite dumb tax.

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