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Multisite: Next Decade – Avoiding the Dumb Tax (Part 2)

July 18, 2012


In this week's installment of Multisite: Next Decade – Avoiding the  Dumb Tax (Part 2), we learn from LCBC – Lives Changed By Christ, and The Chapel by asking them the same question…”What are the things that you didn't know when you started and that you do know now and how did you learn them?”  Join me as we gather some insight into their ministries and the knowledge they have gathered along the way.


LCBC-Lives Changed By Christ, Manheim, PA

1. How compelling to LCBC folks and intriguing to the community our name change would be. (stumbled upon)
2. That we were not trying to build a bunch of campuses the size of the original campus. (stumbled upon)
3. People will invite their friends to watch a video image, and not feel the need to warn them. (researched, copied, stumbled upon, trial and error)
4. Influence flows both ways – our smaller campuses can influence the larger older one. (stumbled upon)
5. You don’t need 100’s of ministries to be a effective, life changing church. (copied)
6. Tensions inherent in a matrix management model where influence/leadership is more legislative than directive. (research, copied, trial and error, stumbled upon)
7. Ongoing evolution of centralized functions in our context. (research, stumbled upon, trial and error)
8. How critical branding is to creating a common experience and shared identity – from facilities to language to color templates.  (research, copied, trial and error)
9. How distance from an originating campus plays into attendance shift. (stumbled upon)
10. Value of at least one day common officing on one campus. (research and copied)
11. Transition of thinking incremental growth to exponential growth and its implications. (stumbled upon), Edmond, OK

1. The level of leader necessary to succeed as a campus pastor. (trial and error)
2. Leadership transitions don’t have to be so complicated. (learned by experience)
3. Resiliency of the campus…80-10-10 rule. (learned by experience)


The Chapel, Akron, OH

1. Video preaching was a hard sell to this existing congregation. Learned this through trial and error and the unscientific research of informal feedback/surveys
2. The local congregation needs a touch with a campus pastor — trial and error, stumbling, and the unscientific research: We concluded in summer 2011 that our rotational preaching model was creating the question: “Who is my pastor?”  
3. Kids and Youth ministries need to have consistent, campus specific leadership in order for relationships to be fostered and pastoral ministry to flourish. Again, stumbling/trial & error,  realized lack of relational pastoral impact when departments were rotating staff across campuses.
4. Management of local staff can’t be done by a campus pastor who preaches. This assessment is deduced from the assumption that the prep demand for our live preaching value is in conflict with the time demands of comprehensive people management at the campus level.


What about you?

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