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Multisite Movement Gaining New Momentum in New Places

August 21, 2013

While many churches adopt the multisite concept to address space issues, expand into new areas and reach more people by adding multiple venues, some denominations are also using multisite to revitalize struggling congregations and deal with leadership deficits. Churches are also using a multisite strategy to combine the forces of several smaller churches for maximum impact in neighboring communities. Leadership Network’s concept paper, Multisite Movement Gaining New Momentum in New Places, previously published by Greg Ligon and Warren Bird, explores this important topic.

Here are some great findings from the paper:

– Multisite churches are expanding online.

– Multisite churches are engaging the community—and the community is noticing.

– There are now more multisite churches in the U.S. than megachurches.

– More multisite churches will engage in mergers, acquisitions and adoptions.

– Multisite churches are extending internationally.

Tell Us Your Multisite Experience and Win Money (By Oct 8, 2013)

Leadership Network is offering you a chance to win a $250 gift card if you’ll tell us what you are learning from being part of a multisite church. We'll award a $250 (USD) gift card to 6 randomly selected individuals who complete the survey. (If you're a winner, we will email you when the survey closes.)

Plus, as soon as you complete the survey you'll be directed to “Multisite: The Next Decade”, a series of blog posts featuring discussions by multisite churches and leaders on what the next ten years will bring for the movement.

Also, after this survey is tallied, we’ll send you a free summary of what others said.

With your help, the following can become the largest survey of multisite churches ever conducted. It may also be the first to compare the multisite movement internationally. Recent years have seen an explosion of multisite churches globally – in the U.S. alone over 5,000 churches now identify themselves as one church in two or more locations. There is much to learn from each other!

This survey is for churches of all sizes, that identify themselves as one church in two or more locations. Here’s the link:

To learn about a Leadership Network Innovation Lab that will provide worship arts leaders with the resources, relationships, and ideas necessary to develop a comprehensive worship and artist development model for their church check out the Multisite Artist Development webpage.

(Tim Nations, Director)

To learn about a Leadership Network Innovation Lab that is designed for church teams planning your first multisite location and will focus on the practical how-to’s of location, leadership and structure check out the Multisite Jumpstart webpage.

(Josh Whitehead, Director)

To see the entire library of Leadership Network’s papers, podcasts, and videos go to

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