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Multisite Micro-Mission

April 14, 2011

Last week I spent some time in Baton Rouge, LA, at Healing Place Church, host for the 2011 All Access Conference.  Between sessions I ran into Greg Wigfield, Senior Pastor of Destiny Church in Leesburg, VA.  Greg and his team journeyed with other churches in Leadership Network’s InnovationLab for Multisite Churches this past year.  I love their team and the vision they have for reaching the communities in their areas.  Central to their multisite ministry is a commitment to identify and meet needs of the community where they launch campuses.  Greg, a former business guy gone pastor, is now back in business as their multisite strategy evolves around the establishment of micro-mission business/ministry centers.  Check out the video for the latest on their work.


One of the innovations in the multisite movement is the merging of multisite and externally focused cultures.  Destiny’s micro-mission work is one of the models.  Others are beginning to develop Dream Centers that serve low income communities and serve as a community gathering place for multi-site campuses.  If you are interested in learning more about Dream Centers and Leadership Network’s InnovationLab designed to help you jump start your ministry in this area, check out our website and contact Jim Kuykendall at

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