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Multisite: Insight into what REALLY matters

October 30, 2013

A few weeks ago in Dallas we completed our first meeting of our new Multisite JumpStart Lab – an experience for churches looking to launch their first multisite location in the next 12 months. Two incredible resources joined our 2-day meeting – Tony Morgan, founder of The Unstuck Group and Jenni Catron, Executive Director of CrossPoint Church, a multisite church in Nashville, Tennessee.

How much does it cost to launch a location?
Tony shared “5 Critical Factors Impacting Multisite Success” with the churches. One item of note: in an ordered list, Tony listed this as the “last” factor to consider, sharing with the churches that issues such as Campus Pastor leadership, rightly structured ministry teams and location far outweigh the “cost” of launching campuses. He encouraged the churches to focus on leadership and structure over cost to launch effective multisite campuses.

What worked for us? What would we do different?
Jenni presented, “What worked for us?”, giving insight into how CrossPoint entered the multisite journey. Of particular note, Jenni gave insight into what CrossPoint does differently today than when they first began launching campuses. First, she said that today they “launch faster.” When they find the community God has led them to engage, they make preparations more quickly than they did in the past. Second, they “train better.” Jenni noted that in the beginning they did not spend enough time training the launch team. Today, they spend significant time preparing the team for more successful launches.

Multisite in smaller churches.
There was one noticeable difference in this group of churches: two of the five churches average less than 1,000 in attendance each week, but they are still preparing for multisite launches. There seems to be a trend developing: Smaller churches are considering multisite as a ministry strategy more often. In this group, these churches prefered to launch a new campus over expanding existing ones, believing that this would help them more effectively reach their communities with the message of Christ.

What’s next for your church?
Are you looking to launch your first location in the next 12-24 months? In October, 2014, Leadership Network launches its next Multisite JumpStart Lab. If you would like more information of how you can be a part of that experience, click here or fill out an application here.

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