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Multisite and Single Site – What the Shifts Look Like

October 25, 2017


83% of Pastors Under Age 40 “Have a Future Vision to Plant/Launch” a New Church or New Site

In an upcoming major report that Leadership Network and Portable Church Industries are producing, we have uncovered several interesting new trends. The statement above is an astounding statistic, even with the caveat that Leadership Network’s response rates tend to favor growing, healthy churches and not a random sample of typical churches.

The dream has changed.

Let me write as an older man for a minute. When I joined Leadership Network in 1995, senior pastors of the larger churches of that era desired to grow a SINGLE site and hoped for 3,000 seats in one venue where they could do two Sunday services to meet the demand. Many of them eventually did.

Now when I meet with our Next Generation Pastors Leader Groups, the dream has changed. Now the question is: How do we add our second and third sites to reach more people?

These younger leaders now aspire not for a larger congregation on a single campus, but for a church that reaches more people across a wider geographical stance.

Those who love multisite head this direction.

Those that are planting right now also want to see more church starts catalyzed.

This is a hopeful sign for future generations.

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