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Multisite: Moving to “What Could Be”

March 29, 2018

Every multisite church has dreamed about a new reality. Let’s face it – the culture is changing so rapidly that our strategies need adjustment sooner. Recently, I was listening to a podcast about an organization that had to make those changes – and quickly. Fiat began in 1899, and as Reid Hoffman of the podcast, Masters of Scale, noted: “Forget being a unicorn. Learn to be a ‘Phoenix’ (a company over 100 years old that is still effective).” In his interview with Fiat’s chairman, John Elkann, Elkann shares that his company had to focus on resilience. “We had to decide which company traditions to keep, and which to leave in the past.”

Most of us are in a similar place. We recognize that trends are changing. Many people are attending church less. Issues once limited to the culture are now invading the church. And, many churches fit that “Phoenix” age – they just can’t say that there as effective as they once were. But, what if there was a new way to evaluate potential change. Consider this:

  • What if data could help you evaluate your current effectiveness or your future focus? Did you know that around each of your locations live people that we know tons about – we just have to have a way to access the data. In a recent partnership with Gloo, we have that access and can help you connect in a deeper way with your communities.
  • What if the challenges that many corporations are facing could give insight into changes that your church needs to consider? We are partnering with companies like Wal-Mart, Fiat-Chrysler and others to gain insight on how each of them have evaluated the changing culture, considered their current model and made strategic shifts to gain greater levels of impact.
  • What if re-gaining an entrepreneurial spirit gave you eyes to see a new way? Our new Accelerator process encourages you to Build…Measure…Learn and then PIVOT. Every organization has to strategically pivot over time to maintain its impact. We have a process that will not only help you, it will push you to that – and, we will hold you accountable to your pivots!
  • What if you reconsidered What is and re-imagined what Could be? All of us need others to help challenge us to consider a new way. The strength of Accelerator is found in the quality churches that will be a part of the experience. Imagine partnering with churches of 5,000 to 20,000 with 5-10+ campuses to re-imagine what could be!

What I’ve described is an experience that begins May 8-10 in Bentonville, Arkansas with a team of Wal-Mart executives investing in churches. Multisite Accelerator is a 3-meeting, 12-month intensive to help you take your multisite strategy to new heights of effectiveness! If you are looking for that opportunity, I would like to help you get on that journey. Just complete the form below and we’ll find a time to talk.


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