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Multisite: Moving from “What is” to “What if”

February 28, 2018

Every multisite church has a strategy. You considered, with great intentionality, what multisite would look like at the locations you were going to launch. You studied other successful churches and their model, you wrestled everything you do to the ground to determine if you would replicate it. Your strategy was full of “What If.” There was a lot of wonder around your campuses, their impact in the community and the opportunity to reach so many new people of Christ. You considered the “What if” of different strategies – will we use video or live teaching, will we be portable or permanent or will we launch with ministries that were present at our original location or not?

Then you launched your first campus. And your second. At that moment, “What Is” came into existence, and you were committed to it. It was your new strategy, and your team would continue to build campuses around it. No one would be able to convince you that you were not on the right path. So, you marched forward.

Now, fast forward to today. For most of us, over time, “What Is” needs to change back to “What If.” Strategies get dated, models become less relevant to the culture, but we continue to hang on to what we created – even when we sense the need for a change.

What do you need? Someone to challenge you to consider a new reality that will bring back the wonder of multisite.

Beginning in May of 2018, we at Leadership Network want to partner with you to help you consider “What if” through an experience we call Multisite Accelerator. One of our hosts, Wal-Mart Corporation, found themselves in the same place as many of us. As they aggressively built brick and mortar locations, another company, called Amazon (you may have heard of it!), was changing the paradigm. They were shipping items directly to homes – and doing it in 2 days! Recently, Wal-Mart recognized they were living well in “What Is” but had lost a vision for “What if.” Instead of continuing in their current model of building stores, they could change their paradigm and take on the 2-day model – delivering to homes or allowing customers to pick-up items pre-ordered in store.

It. Changed. Everything!

Now you have the opportunity to learn from top leaders from Wal-Mart, Fiat-Chrysler and other amazing corporations through Multisite Accelerator. In this experience, we are going to help you rediscover “What if” as we use our entrepreneurial approach and accountability to re-imagine the places where you may be stuck, lost your focus or just wonder if there’s a better way. It’s a partnership that we take very seriously!

Interested or at least want more information? Complete the form below and I’ll be in touch.

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