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Multisite Churches Rate Themselves Much More Likely to Be Multipliers

December 1, 2017

Multisite churches rate themselves 82% more likely to be multipliers than a church that has never launched a new campus or site.

We continue to unpack some of our findings uncovered in a new national report produced by Leadership Network and Portable Church Industries to be released later this year. To get on the early release list, click here to be added. And our previous posts here and here describe some of the findings.

Our research tends to focus on practices and habits of growing, thriving churches not the a random sample of typical or average churches. So the respondents to our survey here have a bias towards growth.

The above 82% nugget illustrates that multisite churches see themselves as continuing in the path of multiplication. They are MUCH more likely to launch a new site or campus.

On the other side, those that are single site and have never planted a new church or a new site see themselves as less likely to try. Why is this?

These are my hunches:

  • Some are in geographical contexts not resonant with planting new sites or churches. (Though they could help plant somewhere that’s friendlier, such as a fast-growing underchurched area.)
  • Some have theological bias against multisite, and pragmatic reasons for not wanting to plant a new church. We would not question their theological bias, and perhaps planting is not the call of God for that church.
  • It takes energy and intentionality to plant another site or church. Some leaders would see this activity as a distraction to their current work and direction (athough we will show in a future post how planting may even help the single site church).

Admittedly this is how these leaders view themselves, not a measure of activity beyond planting at least one site or new church. But the fact they see themselves in this mold implies they have vision to stay on that path.

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