2019 Multisite Accelerator

How can you take your leadership
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Starts on Nov 12, 2019

The Multisite Accelerator is a 1-year, cohort-based program designed to help church teams use data and analytics to launch better campuses, develop a Central Support System, and create a roadmap to support future campus launches.

The experience has been fantastic! We’ve not only been pushed to shift our thinking about data, but also been put face-to-face with other churches who are struggling with the same questions and issues. We get to go to school with like-minded people and build lifelong relationships.

Executive Pastor
Sun Valley Church



Attend three, 3-day meetups at different church or corporate locations and collaborate with peers, mentors, and the host team.

Online sprint calls

Between each meetup, join 2–3 online group sessions where you will report on your progress and have fresh input from mentors.

Monthly calls

Once a month, the program director will personally check in with the team leaders on a call to take stock of progress.

Monthly tips

Through the course of the program, you will receive tips for resources and ideas to help accelerate and support your growth as a leader.


Modeled around high-impact tech accelerators, the program is based on:

Peer learning from other churches with 3 or more campuses who are looking to accelerate their campus launch or impact

The Lean Startup approach that will hold you accountable to implement your plan through sprint calls that happen every 6 weeks between meetups

Corporate and church expertise from some of the best leaders from Fiat Chrysler, Studer Group, Chick-fil-a, Google, Life.Church, Church of the Highlands, and more


Equip your team

Equip your team

Train your team to integrate church and corporate techniques to drive your multisite strategy.

Get expert input

Get expert input

Tap into the expertise of leaders from corporations and churches such as Google and Life.Church.

Tackle problems

Tackle problems

Brainstorm with peers to find creative solutions to problems faced in your churches.

Build a customized roadmap

Build a customized roadmap

Create a roadmap to take you to a preferred future that is tailored to your unique church context.

Meet online regularly

Meet online regularly

Join online sprint sessions with the program director to report on your church’s progress.

Make new connections

Make new connections

Meet peer leaders from other churches and draw learnings from each other’s experiences.


This was one of the best ministry trainings I’ve had. It was deep and practical, and challenged us to think about ministry in a new way. My team was able to connect with creative leaders and come up with innovative solutions to challenging problems. I would highly recommend it!

Associate Pastor of Leadership Development
Evergreen Christian Community


Click the photos to learn more about our host team members.

Dr. Josh Whitehead serves as part of the team at Leadership Network, where he leads labs and leadership communities on the topic of multisite churches.

Josh also serves as Executive Pastor of Faith Promise Church, a multisite church with five campuses in Knoxville, TN.

Josh Whitehead
Program Director

Kevin Penry served as Pastor, Operations Leader, and member of the Directional Leadership Team at Life.Church based in Edmond, Oklahoma, until his retirement from service in 2016. 

Kevin consults with multisite churches and is passionate about sharing his learnings.

Kevin Penry
Group Mentor


Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you at your first meetup in Boulder, CO, which is scheduled for Nov 12–14, 2019.


Session 1: What is
Get an assessment/update on where churches are with their multisite models.

Session 2: What might be
Learn from cross-industry leaders and follow up with team time for discussion.

Discuss what resonated with your current efforts and what new possibilities surface for you.

Session 3: What might be
The second day begins with more learnings from cross-industry leaders, followed by team time.

Spend time reflecting on the learnings and discussing how it resonates with what you’re doing.

Session 4: Hear from the experts
Join breakout sessions led by industry experts around key multisite issues.

Team huddle
Work with your team on your 6-month roadmap plan and 6-week sprint commitments consulting with other teams.

Team huddle
Start the day with a final team prep for your customized roadmap and sprint plans.

Present your team’s plan and receive feedback and coaching from 2–3 other peer churches and mentors.

Global takeaways
Share with the group your key learnings from the 3-day meetup.


Join peer leaders on this 1-year journey and enjoy these program benefits.

The program pricing of $12,000 accommodates a team of three people from your church for the whole program.

Interactions with other high-level leaders

6 online sprint sessions with the director

3 meetups a year
(most meals included)

Additional resources
mailed to your inbox

Learnings from top ministry leaders

Monthly calls with the program director

Glimpses of past meetups


What is the Multisite Accelerator all about?
The Multisite Accelerator helps churches launch and develop exceptional campuses. It exists to equip leaders with the tools to grow their multisite strategy and is meant for churches with 2–3 or more multisite locations.

What will be my key learnings from the program?
Using data, you will learn what type of people you are attracting and how to reach them or others you hope to reach in your future launches.

Supporting your campuses well is a must in multisite. Your church will learn to create a structure for central support or a framework to evaluate your current support model for the future as your campuses develop and grow.

Most churches are struggling to staff their campuses because they do not have the systems in place for finding or developing the right staff. Using data, we’ll show you how to find potential leaders and build a framework for development.

What are the dates for the meetups?
Meetup 1: Nov 12–14, 2019 @ Gloo headquarters in Boulder, CO
Meetup 2: Apr 21–23, 2020 @ Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA (tentative)
Meetup 3: Oct 20–22, 2020 @ Life.Church in Edmond, OK (tentative)

Is the program open to participants from all churches?
To qualify for this experience, applicants must meet the following requirements:

– Leading a multisite church with 3 or more campuses
– Having a weekly worship attendance of 1,000+ across all campuses

Are there limited seats for this program?
Yes, we are accepting only 12 teams in a cohort to keep the group small enough for intimacy and large enough for collaboration. To be considered for the program, please click the ‘Schedule a call‘ button on this page. We will then get in touch with you to schedule a call with the program director.

Whom should I bring with me to the meetups?
We’re glad you asked. We highly recommend bringing the key decision makers and implementers of your multisite strategy.

What if I want to bring additional team members?
Great! If you’d like to bring additional team members, you can do so at an extra cost of $500 per person per meetup.

What is the price of the program?
We charge a competitive fee of $12,000 for a team of three members. This fee covers all three meetups, six Zoom sprint sessions, and monthly check-ins during the year-long program. 

In case you’d like to bring additional team members, you can do so at an extra cost of $500 per person per meetup.

What does this price cover?
In addition to the program experience, this price covers two light breakfasts and one lunch at all 3-day meetups. Dinners are on your own.

Does the price cover transportation and lodging?
No, travel costs are not covered.

Will there be any follow-ups after the meetups?
Yes, there will be follow-up between the three physical meetups. The program director, Josh Whitehead, will check in with the team leaders on a call at least once a month.

Apart from the online sessions, is there any way I can contact the director?
The director is available via phone or e-mail at any time.

Is there a platform where participants can stay connected with their peers?
Yes, we have a Facebook group where participants can post updates and share progress. We encourage you to ask your peers for information or offer help.

It’s been an absolutely amazing journey to think about how data can affect future church planters, increase our ability to develop high-capacity church planters, and even plant more and better churches throughout the United States.

Stadia Church Planting

Join the 2019 Multisite Accelerator to launch and develop exceptional campuses!

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