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Multi-site Self-Diagnosis

January 30, 2009

How can your congregation know if a multi-site approach is right for you? Try this selfdiagnostic tool to gain insight.

For each statement rate yourself:
0 = not applicable or disagree
1 = marginally agree
2 = somewhat agree
3 = agree
4 = strongly agree

Clarity of Call

Your Rating

1. The multi-site approach is an idea we’re already praying about, talking about, or doing

2. As we earnestly pray, we are becoming convinced that multi-site is the type of approach God wants us to explore

3. Becoming multi-site seems to be a natural extension of our church’s mission or vision

4. We sensed God’s affirmation when we previously experimented with a new location or new venue

5. We cannot accomplish all God has called us to do and be without becoming multi-site

6. There is a widespread unity of prayerful agreement that now is the time to launch a new site or new venue


1. Due to our recent growth, we feel we must initiate some type of expansion

2. We’re facing an opportunity that could become a ready bridge to a multi-site extension

3. We’re strongly drawn to the idea, typically embodied in multi-site settings, of getting bigger by becoming smaller

Receptive Audience

1. We know of specific people we could reach if we brought ‘church’ closer to their location, style, or language

2. Everything we’ve experienced to date tells us that if we launch a new site or venue, people will come

3. If we launch a new site or venue, the people of our church seem very likely both to come and to invite their friends


1. If we send our best leaders to the new site or venue, other leaders-in-the-wings will quickly step in to fill the gaps

2. Leadership development is a value already deeply ingrained in our church culture

3. Our present leadership team is willing to devote the time and energy needed to mentor and coach a new set of leaders


1. We are already visiting or studying or developing a mentor-church relationship with other churches who are doing multi-site

2. We’ve done other ministries in the past that have parallels to multi-site

3. We could handle the technology or communications issues associated with becoming multi-site

Relationship Strengths

1. Our church leadership team currently has excellent credibility with the congregation

2. Our leadership team has been stable enough lately that we could make some changes without rattling the congregation too much

3. I can envision a strong pastor-people sense of unity, joy and prayer support when we launch a new site or venue


1. Our debt load as a church is quite manageable (or non-existent)

2. Our people would give extra for a one-time offering to help with start-up costs

3. Our general fund could handle up to two years of ongoing financial support for the new site or venue

4. We have ideas about an available facility that we could afford

TOTAL (of 100 possible points)

The following range would compare with other churches around the country:

If your total is 25 points or less, your timing seems very premature. If you launch anytime in the near future, you will probably lack the support, momentum, or other essential elements that could give staying power to your multi-site endeavor.

If your total is 26-50 points, you have potential but are probably not ready. Continue to pray, explore, discuss, learn, and plan. Keep developing leaders so you’ll have enough when the timing is right.

If your total is 51-75 points, you are close to being ready. Review your strengths and build on them. Examine your weak points and compensate for them, as appropriate.

If your total is 76-100 points, you have a high likelihood of success compared to other churches that are doing multi-site.

How did you score? Let us know in the comments section.

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