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February 12, 2011

Mercy Street

Mercy Street … a safe harbor for the hurt, the lost, the seeking so that they might experience the radical grace of God!  And now the street is extending to new locations.

I first heard about Mercy Street five or six years ago when Leadership Network hosted them in one of our leadership communities which gathered churches who were developing innovative approaches to recovery ministry.  And when the team entered the room for the first time I was thrilled to learn that many of them were college friends that I had first connected with many years ago.

Recently, I had the opportunity to reconnect with their current pastor, Gregg Taylor.  The ministry of Mercy Street continues to grow and just this last week, the work that they have so effectively been doing in North Houston has expanded to a second location in the heart of Houston.  The second campus is meeting in a really unique location – the offices of The Council on Drugs and Alcohol.  One of the greatest things about this location is that they came at the invitation of The Council – because they have become known as a “safe harbor for the hurt, the lost and the seeking.”  And they have become known as a place where true transformation takes place.  Transformation like what is told in this story …

Gregg’s response to my question of “why multi-site?” is captured in this quote – “Mercy Street is not a dead end road or even a cul-de-sac. Mercy Street is a through street with multiple access points for the hurt, the lost and the seeking. Our second site creates another merge lane for folks to experience the grace of God.”  Launch Sunday was February 5 with close to 150 people in attendance,mercystreetmobile

The next “merge lane” opens in about six weeks when Mercy Street literally takes the message of the grace of God to the  streets through their third campus – Mercy Street Mobile – Church Under the Bridge.

p>What an incredible story of extending the gospel through the vehicle of multiple campuses.

What innovations in multi-site and recovery ministry are you hearing about or developing yourself?  Let me know through the comment box below or by contacting me by email or via Twitter.

Greg Ligon, VP and Publisher

Leadership Network

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