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Multi-site Church Launch Changes

April 6, 2010

Leadership Network recently hosted Rich Birch  from Liquid Church as a resource forInnovation Lab_3C our Multi-site JumpStart Innovation Lab.  The churches that participated in this lab had all recently launched a new campus – from nine months to three weeks earlier.  Rich provided some excellent insights about organizational changes that have to happen as churches enter the multi-site church world. 

You can listen to the entire presentation here or check out the followirichng notes.

According to Rich’s experience with both Liquid Church where he currently serves, The Meeting House where he formerly served and interaction with  churches he has served through Multi-Site Solutions, the following things must change as a church launches their first campus:

1.  They must move from staff driven to volunteer fueled.

2.  They must engage intentional leadership development instead of simple intuitive leadership development.

3.  They must distinguish between the nice to haves and the need to haves.

Three other random learnings (Rich’s words!) include:

1.  Multi-site should not be the sum of your vision.  Rather it should be a tool to aid the larger goal.

2.  Churches often take longer to think through “campus three” than “campus two.”

3.  Audit and adjust the eco-system – measure and compare campuses for growth and effectiveness of the parts and the whole.

What are you learning from new campus launches?  Would love to get your comments.

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