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Moving Forward

December 27, 2016

by Dave Travis

The beginning of a new year is a great time to celebrate the wins of the previous year and reflect on the priorities for the coming year.

Much has been accomplished over the past year—and years—by our clients. But in 2017 we all need to lean into new realities and move…


The overall purpose of Leadership Network remains unchanged: to work with our clients to help them move ideas to implementation to impact. Our cause is to foster innovation movements that activate the whole church to greater impact. We start with churches and their leadership teams that want to take a good idea, create a workable plan and measure the impact of their ministry.

Let me share some ways forward in the coming year to keep on your radar. Some are live experiences and others are information resources.

Forward One Step


Baby's first setps inside a house in sunny day

The beginning of a long journey starts with the first step.

Our new Innovate:NOW! experiences will bring together groups of church leaders for one-day experiences to help them think through a designated issue (staffing, generosity, Millennials, etc.) and make a quick plan for implementation. We have designed these so you can hear multiple voices and develop a quick-start plan.

Likewise in our information arena we will have several new offerings that include an online course system to help you understand and work with your financial resources in more effective ways. It will be 100% online and help you implement as you go.

Forward in Giant Steps


Boy legs crossing stepping stones

While everyone starts with a first step, there are seasons when you need to take giant-sized steps to make progress. Incremental progress just won’t do. That’s why we have our HUB and Leader Groups.

Our HUB focus areas are expanding and growing to meet your needs in specific innovation areas. From multisite to discipleship we want to help churches over a 13-month process to not only dream big, but put together giant step plans to make the dream a reality.

Our Next Gen and Executive Pastor Leader Groups do the same for qualified participants that desire to grow their personal life and their leadership role. These are launching soon so click here to see if you are eligible. Every client I know who has been through one of these groups reports real progress and a more sane life!

Likewise we will offer some other new digital experiences that will grow your ministry over time and be for churches we have not traditionally served very well. These experiences will provide you ongoing input and resources to challenge, stretch, and also implement ideas at a new level.

Great Leaps Forward

Hiker jumps rock to rock in mountain lake

There comes a time when you have to jump to a wholly other way of thinking and doing. For that we have added a series of invitation-only experiences that include a special conference and our “accelerators.”

Right now these are all private experiences and limited to those that we know are vitally interested in the subject area.

A few of these will go “public” later in the year and be open for application entrance.

How do we build those lists? From teams already engaged with us in other areas. So the best way is to engage and be moving….Forward.


I wish I had space to tell you more. We have some exciting research in the works including some major reports on multisite issues. We have 7 books in the pipeline including:

  • Disruption: Repurposing the Church to Redeem the Community by Mark DeYmaz
  • Together: A Guide for Couples Doing Ministry Together by Geoff and Sherry Surratt
  • The Mythical Leader: Seven Myths of Leadership by Ron Edmondson
  • The Unstuck Church: Equipping Churches to Experience Sustained Health by Tony Morgan

Our work continues to expand in the U.S. and Canada with churches that shape the conversation for the future of congregations and their impact in their local communities.

Join with us to see the CHURCH flourish, communities thrive, and the whole land to prosper.


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