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More on Large Church Finances and Staffing

January 18, 2011

3rd econ report


“Yes, but isn’t our situation different?” I try to answer that question in the third and final report in our series that draws from our 2010 survey of large churches – those with attendance of 1,000 and higher. It’s titled 2010 Large Church Finances and Staffing Report: Comparing Church Finances by Geography and Gender. What region of the country has the lowest salaries for large church staff? (Answer: the West.) Do urban and suburban pastors get paid at different rates? (Answer: yes and no). Does being multisite raise or lower the average salary? (Surprisingly, multisite salaries are a bit lower.) What are the highest visibility roles for women (children’s ministry, women’s ministry and communications) and does that change with church size (yes)?

This free download gives lots of practical insights on questions you might have wondered about. To see the previous installments in this series go to 2010 Large Church and Salary and Benefits:An Illustrated Leadership Network Research Study and 2010 Large Church Economic  Outlook Report: North American Megachurches Are Holding Steady During the “Great Recession”.

If your attendance is 1,000 and higher and you’d like to be part of our 2012 survey (we conduct financial surveys every other year), please drop us an email at

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