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More buzz about Mark Driscoll

October 24, 2007

Collin Hansen writes this insider look at the controversial and provocative Mark Driscoll in Christian Today — Pastor Provocateur: Love him or hate him, Mark Driscoll is helping people meet Jesus in one of America’s least-churched cities

In Mars Hill’s early days, Driscoll struggled to find the right balance between unchanging orthodox theology and flexible methods of outreach.

“I also did not explain in written form that we were theologically conservative and culturally liberal, which caused great confusion because half of the church was angry that the other half was smoking, while the other half was angry that I taught from the Bible,” Driscoll writes in Confessions of a Reformission Rev.

For a first-person perspective, check into the book titled “Confessions of a Reformission Rev” by Mark Driscoll (published by Zondervan and Leadership Network), which takes you along his journey of starting a new church and all the way from 0 to 10,000. I read the book late this summer, and the book gives a good look at the vision that Driscoll has to reach people in Seattle and everywhere, to know of some of his personal struggles and challenges, and his giftedness in connecting theology and practice. What’s particularly useful to pastors and church leaders is how the book identifies different models and issues involved in a church as it goes through different sizes.

Most recently, Mars Hill Church is launching an open invite to anyone to ask Mark Driscoll anything at . The 9 questions that receive the most votes from the public will be preached as a sermon series at the top of 2008.

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