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Models of Missional Engagement in Europe

April 30, 2014

From ‘pancake church’ and power evangelism, Alpha and all-night mission events, Christians are using a variety of ways to bring the Good News of Christ to the diverse cultures of Europe. This concept paper gives examples of the creative attractional, engaged, incarnational and kingdom-transformational methods used in missional engagement by churches involved in the ECPN learning communities.

Leadership Network’s concept paper, Models of Missional Engagement in Europe , published in 2008 by Joann Appleton explores this important topic.

Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“As a continent, Europe can be described as pre‐secular, secular and post‐secular.”

“When you are very good at attraction, the question comes ‘what is next, what hasn’t been there, what’s new’ and then there is no end in sight.”

“The person of peace is someone who is open to hearing the Good News, and who likes to spend time with you building a friendship.”

“The older generation is ‘burned out by communism and broken by poverty’”

“Their heart was to be Jesus in the community and bring the gospel to these people.”

“They are focused on the toughest neighborhoods where there is poor education, poor health, high crime and drug abuse.”

“Our ultimate goal is to bring the church out to them and start a new church.”

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