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Missional Meets Multi-Site

March 29, 2010

One of the things that excites me about what God is doing is in the interface between missional models for church and multi-site strategies.  In Leadership Network’s interaction with both multi-site churches and externally focused churches, we are seeing more and more overlap.  Multi-site churches are reaching out to their community by using campuses to establish missional presence in neighborhoods.  On the flip side of the coin – externally focused churches are experiencing the “birth” of worshipping campuses in the areas of the city where they are serving the needs of the people they encounter.

sub_page135_picture0_8 I recently had the opportunity to interview two churches that model this growing trend. Two very different churches, each multisite, describe missional ways they’re making a difference in people’s lives in their respective communities. Each church found and met a need, doing so in a way that opens the door to spiritual conversations – one through hurricane relief and another through an aquatics center in partnership with their city. aquatic_center_ropeswing

Check out the podcast of my discussion with David DeGarmo, Multisite Director, Church of the King, in greater New Orleans, LA and Crull Chambless, Executive Pastor, Harvest Church, Billings, MT here.

Is your church engaging missional/multi-site synergies?  If so, or you know of another church that is, share the story via twitter (@gregligon) or email me.



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