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Missional Engagement – Christ the King Bellingham, Washington

June 19, 2017

By John Poitevent

As the Outward Focus Pastor at Christ the King Church in Bellingham, Washington, Wendy Powell began to examine their local outreaches in light of the missions strategy of the church. Part of that process included evaluating their efficiency and overall effectiveness. When she realized that their 18 year old food bank was not a great use of resources, she knew that making changes would be messy. What she didn’t realize was how exponentially productive the results would be.

In this 17 minute interview (see below), Wendy shares how she collected data, sought advice from local agencies and navigated the process with the stakeholders in the church. By working with other food banks, they came up with a strategy to shift their model, redeploy their people and get healthy food to hundreds who were previously unreached. CTK is now serving 4x as many people on a smaller budget, while partnering with multiple schools and community agencies.


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