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Michael Hyatt: Ask the Question

June 24, 2011

Amazing how our minds work. – All of us have an internal dialogue going on asking ourselves questions. – The mind is faithful. If we ask a question, it will supply an answer. – If we ask good questions, we get good answers. – If we ask bad questions, we get bad answers. Slipped and fell. Broke leg. Very difficult time. You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose how to respond.
Could have asked
– why do these things happen to me?
– why am I so clumsy?
– what did I do to deserve this? (worst of all)

The questions determine the result. People get caught up in negative inner dialogue. Things go from bad to worse.
When I experience adversity:
– (not always immediately. Sometimes takes processing time)
– inevitably get to the right questions.
– What does this experience make possible?

The shift: instead of focus on past (can’t do a thing about) you shift to the future, which is full of possibilities. Everything becomes possible. All came about as a result of asking the right question. Next time you are in a tough spot, when a bad thing has happened:
– Give yourself some time to grieve.
– Then ask yourself “what does this make possible?”

Discussion Questions:
1. When something bad happens, what are the most common questions that run through your mind?
2. Do you tend to focus on the future or the past?

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