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Michael Breen: Electrified

February 28, 2011

Missional Communities

In the last 15 years focused on pioneering of “missional communities.”

• a worshipping community,
• a community of fellowship where sacrifice
and love are the marks of that fellowship
• a fellowship that reaches out in love to the community.

The missional communities orbited through that building for their celebration life where they could have a tribal identity with the wider church. Some of you are wondering whether to embrace it or reject it as a model of mission.

I want to say that missional communities – a group of 20-50 people, small enough to care, but large enough to dare are really a game changer.

I want to commend it to you as an intuitive and thoughtful response to contemporary mission today.

In Sheffield we saw many of the communities develop, grow, and begin to engage with neighborhoods of our city. Took turbo charge change when we lost our building.

We had grown to the largest congregation in England. We met in a disused nightclub. It was the largest building of its kind in Northern England. We saw substantial impact in our city.

We took this as a prompt. On one day we planted our missional communities across the city. Some met in bowling alleys, homes, garages, rented rooms in pubs, across the city.

For a year we saw them wrestle with the realities of being a missional community that lived a three dimensional lifestyle in the networks and neighborhoods of Sheffield.

This three dimensional lifestyle of being a


Discussion Questions:

1. What does “Missional Community” mean to you? What might it look like in your current area?
2. If it is not already, how would your congregation react to meeting outside of the current “church” building? What can you do to promote trying this idea?

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