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Metrics that Matter: Vital Signs Monitored by Large Churches

October 18, 2016

brought to you by ACS Technologies

by Warren Bird


What gets MEASURED, gets MANAGED. What gets REWARDED, gets REPEATED. Whatever you BRAG ON, you’ll see MORE OF.

That’s why we invited 128 leading churches to show us a sample of their internal measurement report—how they visualize the data they regularly monitor. We looked through the examples and picked a number of creative ideas beyond the usual three C’s of church attendance, conversions and cash (or the ABC’s of attendance, buildings, and cash).

This report includes actual examples of the charts and tables used by the churches represented, yet these are ideas that churches of any size can adapt to their situation. We also interview some of the people behind those numbers, starting with Kevin Penry, from the senior leadership team of America’s largest-attendance church, Life.Church, where Craig Groeschel is pastor.

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