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Mentored by Peter Drucker – Insights by Bob Buford and Jim Collins

October 27, 2014


PFD and Bob photo_Aug 1998
Peter Drucker and Bob Buford

Peter Drucker, a prolific writer known as the father of modern management, has had a huge influence in shaping Leadership Network’s DNA (two other thought leaders who have shaped us are Lyle Schaller and Everett Rogers).

Drucker’s influence on the megachurch movement was recently highlighted in Bob Buford’s personal memoir Drucker and Me, which has sold over 10,000 copies since its release earlier this year. The book describes Drucker’s inpact on evangelicals like Bill Hybels and Rick Warren and also on business leaders like Good to Great and the Social Sectors author Jim Collins.



Recently Bob Buford and Jim Collins recorded a podcast to discuss Drucker’s personal impact on each of them as mentor and friend. The title is “Why You Need a Mentor,” and it’s available as a free download on iTunes. Have a listen and then add comments below with your thoughts about it.


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