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“Recent Shifts in America’s Largest Protestant Churches: Megachurches 2015 Report,” an 18-page report includes infographic and 24 illustrations, is by Scott Thumma and Warren Bird (and brought to you by The Beck Group). It covers major developments in topics like

  • Comparison of megachurches to smaller churches on issues like clarity of vision and purpose
  • Trends in becoming multisite (one church in two or more locations)
  • Significant amount of large churches that sponsor an internship or residency program
  • Decrease in median seating capacity of megachurch’s main sanctuary
  • Areas of concern and potential difficulties for megachurches

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Not Who You Think They Are: The Real Story of People Who Attend America’s Megachurches

By Scott Thumma and Warren Bird

The National Survey of Megachurch Attenders drew 24,900 responses from 12 carefully selected megachurches across the U.S. Conducted January to August 2008, it is the largest national representative study of megachurch attendees conducted by any researchers to date. This report summarizes the initial learnings from the study.


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A New Decade of Megachurches: 2011 Profile of Large Attendance Churches in the United States

By Scott Thumma and Warren Bird

The latest national survey of megachurches from Leadership Network and Hartford Institute for Religion Research reveals interesting dynamics related to growth, vitality and leadership. This fourth survey in a decade shows that megachurches remain one of the most robust religious organizational expressions within North America. This present report describes the overall results of the 2011 study of 336 megachurches (out of 1,611 or a 21% response rate).

2010 Large Church Economic Outlook Report

By Warren Bird

North American Megachurches are holding steady during the “Great Recession”

Drawing from a survey of 253 large churches, this illustrated report highlights current trends and forecasts, all in light of the current economic downturn.

Teacher First: Leadership Network’s 2009 Survey of Large-Church Senior Pastors

By Warren Bird

Megachurch pastors are a rare breed. They represent 0.3% of North America’s churches but they draw almost 10% of weekly Protestant worshippers. Most of these churches are growing, many by a respectable level of conversion growth. They are high-visibility congregations with widespread influence. In May 2009, Leadership Network conducted a survey of 232 megachurch pastors. This report reveals some interesting insights on their unique role.

Inside the World of Executive Pastors: Leadership Network’s 2009 Survey

By Warren Bird and Colleen Pepper

Executive pastors (also known as director, chief of staff, or church administrator) face unique struggles and challenges, often filling a role at the church’s most strategic level.What does a “typical” week look like for an executive pastor? How does their role change with their church’s size? What factors help them most in having a successful relationship with the senior pastor and with other staff? Where do they struggle most?
These and other findings come from a survey conducted in January 2009, which drew responses from 555 executive pastors serving in congregations where weekly attendance ranges from 100 to 23,000.

Changes in American Megachurches: Tracing Eight Years of Growth and Innovation in the Nation’s Largest-attendance Congregations

By Scott Thumma and Warren Bird

America’s largest churches have experienced considerable change in recent years, according to a recent study co-sponsored by Leadership Network. Their attendances have grown larger but their sanctuaries have remained the same size. Instead they’ve added services and more have gone multi-site. Virtually all use electric guitar, drums, and visual projection in worship, and they’re continually adjusting their style in worship. They’re also now placing a greater emphasis on small groups. An amazing 69% run internship programs for training future staff. These churches describe themselves as having a clear mission and purpose (94%) and holding strong beliefs and values (98%).

Innovation 2007

By Warren Bird

This 64-page glossy book with 104 diagrams and charts, 10 in-depth profiles of compelling trends and literally hundreds of facts and examples, is the single biggest compilation of ideas and insights about North American churches ever undertaken by Leadership Network. The project presents a unique catalog and analysis of today’s most promising church innovations.

Global Megachurches

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Megachurches and Salary:

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