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Meet the LN Associates, Part 4 – Will Chung

April 11, 2019

Will Chung

Ministry/Vocation – Founder of The Meeting Place TMP

Why commit to becoming an LN Associate –

Leadership Network has been one of the leading voices and partners to further the mission of the local church. It is an honor to be invited to sit, learn and collaborate with other church leaders to continue serving the body of Christ. By becoming an LN Associate I hope to grow in my personal leadership but also contribute with my unique experiences and strengths.

What do you envision your contribution to be for churches –

I want to see the restoration of true intimacy and love for God back in the Church. A community of believers who are truly living their entire lives for the glory and pleasure of God. I hope to accomplish this by raising up spiritual leaders and pastors to lead these churches.


Will’s thoughts on engaging the millennial generation are below:

Millennials & Mentorship

Smart phones changed everything for us. If we had any questions, Google had all the answers for us. The phone gave us access to information, when in reality what we really needed was mentorship. We thought information was going to help us achieve
our calling and passions, but what we really needed was impartation from mentors.

I am fortunate and blessed. I have had several older men sit me down and mentor me. These men of God have poured into my life face to face. Not from Youtube and not from Google, but actual time together. My mentors didn’t just teach me how to be a leader but they showed me how to live. Their investment in me is what has made me who I am today.

I attribute all of my success today because older men who took the time to pour into my life. Their goal was my personal and spiritual growth. Their agenda was to see me become all that God has called me to be.

However, for most of my friends, they have never experienced this. More than ever, every time I travel and speak, young people ask me, “How do I get a mentor? How can I find older men and women who will pour into my life?” I found that many of them did not have the same opportunities as I had.

Based on my experiences, I want to share what I believe these older men did for me.

1. They saw POTENTIAL in me. These men of God saw a seed in me. This seed of potential is what they watered and cultivated in me. This potential is what they decided to invest into. I was not experienced or gifted enough to contribute to them in any way. However, they saw my potential and called it out of me!

2. They were PATIENT with me. These men of God were patient with me. They spent time with me for years and not just weeks and months. The two specific mentors that have impacted my life have spent years pouring into me. They saw that I was going to make many, many mistakes. However, they did not use my mistakes against me, but walked with me through it.

3. They were PROACTIVE with me. These men reached out to me. While I did my part in being receptive, I credit much of my growth to their proactive attitude towards me. In many ways, they approached me as a father and not as a teacher. They cared for me. They loved me. As they were proactive in their relationship with me. I received an impartation from them. I learned not
only from what they said, but also from how they poured into me.

Today, we need mentors. Young people need mentors who have gone before them. We are waiting for you. We are waiting for older men and women to make themselves available. The greatest problem for young people is not information and passion, but impartation from men and women who have gone before us.

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