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Meet the LN Associates, Part 3 – Rashawn Copeland

April 10, 2019

Rashawn Copeland

Founder of Without Walls Ministries/ Frontier Creative OKC

What fascinates me the most about Leadership Network is their heart for the local church. I love how they annually serve hundreds if not thousands of churches through in-person events which include more than 1,500 leaders. They are all about equipping the body and impacting the next generation. One of my favorite things about the Leadership Network is that they invest in the digital space. They have online conferences reaching thousands. I hope to bring my passion for social media and my knowledge of digital marketing to the team.

In a world that is glued to a screen, and fails to keep its eyes fixed on Christ, my hope is to meet them on the screen with the Gospel message. We are currently living in the single largest communication shift since the printing press. My heart is to encourage, equip, and to educate the church on the importance and the power of evangelism through the social media and the digital space in the local church. I would like to see more churches engaged and involved with what God is doing through it. The church must bring the truth of God’s word where the peoples’ eyes are fixed. Look no further than social media.

When asked about engaging the millennial generation from his perspective, here’s what Rashawn wrote:

Mentoring into Momentum

Starting them young will change everything.

I recently spoke at a youth gathering at a church in Oklahoma City. After the conference a young man who is currently a senior in high school. Johnny began to tell me how he recently found his way back to God, and how he’s now taking his walk with Jesus serious. Rashawn, I’m just hungry and longing for more,” He exuberantly states.” Rashawn, I have been having so many dreams. My dreams have been crazy but in a good way.  I have seen myself doing huge things for God’s kingdom, but I continue to hear the same things from my leaders. “No, and Not yet.” I feel so small to hold such a big dream. I don’t think my pastor is meaning to, but honestly, I believe my gifts are reduced and restricted. There’s no one I can call a role model; I have no one challenging me, nor affirming me.

By the time young Johnny finished pouring out his heart, I began searching God’s heart for him. I simply asked him to take a seat with me let’s talk. He immediately said, “You see, this is the problem. That’s all leaders ever want to do is talk. After almost every conversation I have with potential mentors and my church leadership they always reference me a few books to read, and their favorite lectures to see.” I could hardly believe the passion of this young man. I could deeply sense his frustration.

Here’s what I got from the conversation with him that day.

1). The next generation is longing for genuine mentorship, and not just to be tasked to read a book. Books are really informative, but they aren’t as transformative as genuine face to face affirmation.

2). The next generation is longing to make a positive difference rather than just mere talk. Let’s take our ideas and turn them into items.

Let’s applaud youthful exuberance and not disregard it. Let’s continue to be a church that affirms and activates the gifts and callings within our congregations. God may send you just two, or maybe even twenty-two church planters. And he may send you a flock of Gospel loving entrepreneurs that may start thriving nonprofits. The discovery will only come when we as leaders tap into the untapped potential of our church.

God has enabled and promised to make you a difference maker, as Jesus promised His disciples, God will use you to influence the next generation to make an eternal difference in the world. Mentoring becomes momentous when we encourage, and challenge our young leaders to do “even greater things” (John 14:12.)

How can you bless the world changers of tomorrow, today?  Here are two practical things you can do.

1). Openly encourage them by laying your hands on them as a sign of affirmation.

2). Pray for God to continue to bless,  develop and deploy them into their unique callings.

What would this look like where you are currently leading? When would you do it? What words will you speak over the young and men God has been calling you to mentor?

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