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Meet the LN Associates, Part 2 – Monica Zuniga

April 9, 2019

Monica Zuniga

Founder of We Are Unveiled & Nxt Gen Advisors

Leadership Network is passionate about equipping the body while leading conversations and initiatives facing the Church today. I am so honored to join the team and provide a millennial female perspective. I hope to contribute not only knowledge and experience but passion for women in leadership and the church.

The rise of women in our culture today is at an all-time high and it has been beautiful to see so many women break barriers across so many sectors. Yet our culture’s narrative has been that ‘as woman rise, men must be put down and shamed on our way up.’ My heart is to see the women of my generation rise up, but not of this world. I desire that they be rooted and grounded in the truth; united, not divided with the Body of Christ, and women who pull others up with them as they are elevated.

Below, Monica shares her perspective on engaging the millennial generation.

Empowering Women

I’m a small town girl from Hereford, TX. If you know where that is, then you know that we have more cows than people. I’m also a daughter of second-generation immigrants from Mexico and Spain. Growing up, I learned a lot about hard work, character and what it means to be a woman of faith.

As a minority and a millennial, I have watched and personally wrestled with the mostly accurate stereotypes on our generation. The entitlement, laziness, lack of respect, inability to commit, and the handful of other things you’re thinking.

I never imagined that the Lord would burden my heart so much for my own people and grace me with the gift to love them and influence them into their true identities as His children. But here I am, writing to you about one of the areas I am most passionate about seeing God redeem in this generation.

Women empowerment.

We live in a day and age where the rise of women is all around us. The old phrase, ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ has never rung more true with the female voice. From Nike commercials featuring women who are brave to be called ‘crazy’, to Bumble, where women are now empowered to make the first move on a guy, to the Kardashians who have build multi-million dollar empires all centered around a skewed body image. The list is endless but the underlying message is the same.

Women today can do anything a man can do.
As a woman rises, a man must fall.
Time’s Up- Women have the power now.

This world is opening up so many doors for women in leadership; in roles and positions that most women have never been in before. Women in my generation are seeing this and gaining a hunger to rise up like never before. They are seeing a world full of opportunities and are distracted. I see my generation full of passion to join in on the rise in women but are doing so at the expense of their true identities.

We are influenced by culture; letting the world tell us what a woman is vs. what the Word of God calls us to be. What’s worse is I’ve watched many of my friends and colleagues leave the church in search of a place where they can truly “grow as a woman today.” It’s all a lie, but the enemy won’t win.

I believe that if we as a church body begin to bring these women into our Churches as leaders, into our business’ to be groomed, and into our homes to learn, we will see a shift in who and what defines a woman today. We need a fresh wind of true identity for women. Our generation needs the church to be the ones to empower us BEFORE culture does. Woman empowerment is using your platform to disciple women by showing them who they truly are in Christ. My hope is that together we can change the story on Women Empowerment.

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