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Meet HUB Multisite Jumpstart Director Josh Whitehead

June 30, 2016

By Warren Bird

Whitehead (HiRes)Leadership Network recently unveiled a new concept in its decades-long pursuit of helping fuel Church innovation and multiply it—HUB. Through connections with innovative teams and exposure to breakthrough ideas, HUB is where church leaders go to get answers, leadership, and results.

We are now excited to introduce the LEADERS of those HUB gatherings, and the topics they will pursue, in a series of blogs. In this Q&A piece, Dr. Josh Whitehead of Faith Promise Church in Tennessee shares his passion and experience with serving leaders through LN’s Multisite JumpStart initiative:

What background qualifications do you bring to this initiative?

Currently, I serve as the Executive Pastor at Faith Promise Church, a six-campus multisite church in Knoxville, TN. I have helped launch all of our campuses at Faith Promise and have partnered with over 30 churches at Leadership Network to make their campus launches a success.

Why are you excited about this topic? What difference do you hope to make?

I’m excited about this topic because we are introducing our Launch Guide—a handbook to help churches launch their first campus. It will bring clarity to the challenges that churches face when launching their first campus. Through Multisite JumpStart, we hope to help churches launch a great first campus, leading to multiple future campuses and greater Kingdom impact!

How has Leadership Network intersected with your church?

Leadership Network has helped our church navigate leadership development, family ministry, multisite and generosity. We consider their partnership instrumental in becoming the church we are today!

Want to learn more about how to launch your first campus and have a successful future as a multisite church? Listen to what Josh has to say about the HUB:Multisite Jumpstart group.


How are you helping church leaders through Leadership Network and your Multisite Jumpstart group?

Multisite Jumpstart helps churches launch their first campus—successfully! We’ve combined our knowledge of multisite with proven steps that will guide churches to create a launch plan—from launch teams to campus budgets. We take the guesswork out of launching your first campus.

chris-stephens-square“Jumpstart is a phenomenal tool to help churches launch their first campus. Coupled with Josh’s knowledge of multisite, your church will likely find greater success on the journey if you are a part of this experience.”

Dr. Chris Stephens, Senior Pastor, Faith Promise Church


What’s the biggest challenge you want to help churches work through? And the biggest opportunity to help them seize?

 Church staff members are overwhelmed. Ministry is demanding and most ministry budgets are tight. We will help churches navigate the challenges of launching their first campus and accomplish that goal. It’s a chance for us to help guide them through the process instead of them struggling through the process.

What do you do for fun?

We are a Disney family! We love the travel to the Orlando area to Disneyworld, and this summer we are even traveling to Disneyland in California! I am married to Kim and we have 2 children.

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If your church is getting ready to launch your first campus the HUB:Multisite Jumpstart opportunity is for you. Your team will be led through the process of developing a launch plan including nuts and bolts, exposure to other advanced practitioners and tips on avoiding classic multisite campus launch mistakes. For more information go to

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