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Meet Executive Pastor Leader Group Director Darren Young

August 16, 2016

By Warren Bird

Darren Young family picture 2 CropLeadership Network continues to build a team of high-capacity leaders who serve churches in powerful ways. These leaders are field-tested as innovation catalysts in their ministry areas, and they bring unique backgrounds and experiences to their pursuits with church leaders around North America.

In this edition of a regular blog to introduce some of those leaders, you’ll meet senior pastor Darren Young—who brings a heart for executive pastors and the unique role they play in keeping large churches moving the right direction.

 What background qualifications do you bring to your role in directing Leadership Network’s new Leader Group for Executive Pastors?

I served on the executive leadership team with Campus Crusade for Christ Canada as both CFO and Director of Human Resources. In 2005, God called me out of ministry there to revitalize and lead a local church.

Why are you excited about working with church leaders in these roles or stages of ministry? What difference do you hope to make?

I am deeply passionate about helping mobilize leaders and shape the future of the local church. I believe executive pastors shoulder monumental responsibilities for multiplying the vision of the church while often managing daunting ministry challenges, difficult personal life situations, staffing issues and complex multi-million dollar campaigns and decisions. I am so excited to provide a place to bring their questions, challenges and ideas and help executive pastors find the answers they need.



“Darren is a great asset as he has a great heart for the church and a deep understanding of local church ministry. Leadership Network’s peer-learning Leader Groups are incredible. They’ve benefited me and North Coast greatly.” North Coast Senior Pastor Larry Osborne




How are you involved with your local church, and how has Leadership Network intersected with it?

I am the lead pastor of a multicampus church on the west coast of Canada (40 minutes outside of Vancouver). Leadership Network has resourced and equipped me in many ways throughout my 10 years leading our congregation. Most recently I was part of the Next Generation Leader Group, where I was truly captured by the vision to equip pastors in the local church through these brilliant Leader Groups.

How are you helping church leaders through your Leader Groups?

Some of the big things we are accomplishing include:

  • helping churches move ideas to implementation to impact
  • ensuring the soul care of executive leaders for the long haul
  • establishing a relational network for executive leaders that will help them thrive


What can leaders expect to experience from being involved in a Leader Group for Executive Pastors?

Leaders can expect a coach, a tribe and a place to get answers through their complex challenges and realities. They will gather with 12 executive pastors for 4 meetings over 2 years in leading churches across the country. They will experience a unique collaborative learning experience that will produce results!

What’s the biggest challenge you want to help churches work through? And the biggest opportunity to help them seize?

Implementing their vision in the midst of all the obstacles that stand in the way (clarity, staffing, leadership development, finances, multisite, church planting, ministry alignment, etc.)

What do you do for fun?

My favorite way to spend free time is with my family. Coaching my two boys in a myriad of sports, spending time with my wife Wendy, camping in our trailer and going for walks are just some of the things we love to do together. I also enjoy training for and running in marathons.


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Leader Group-Executive Pastors is designed for executive pastors leading in a church of 1,000+ weekly worship attendance. These pastors have executive leadership responsibilities in helping shape and multiply the vision of the church. They lead ministry teams, operations, campus networks or other major ministry areas. Their focus is in helping develop and execute next steps in leading forward the increasingly complex organization known as the church. To learn more go to


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