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Matt Fry: Let’s Get Together

May 4, 2011

We chose NOT to do life alone. Was discouraged. Took trip to spend few days with God. Made appointment to spend time with another pastor. He listened and encouraged me. Through that relationship God connected me with other pastors who are today my best friends. As a result we have planted churches all over the US. We’ve trained leaders internationally through EQUIP, we are planting churches with ARC. Through one relationship, God used it to impact the kingdom together. It’s tempting to do life alone. Reality is we do need each other. It is not good for us. We shouldn’t do ministry alone. We need each other. As we partner together, God will do far more than we can imagine. I believe God will provide divine flow relationships as we get out of our comfort zone. That will result in Kingdom impact. You will have so much fun doing it together. We are where we are today because of leaders who have come along side. We are strongest when we are connected. We are more effective. If you are lonely, pick up the phone, send an email. The let’s reach out to each other. Seek God with all you’ve got but also seek someone else to come along side.

Discussion Questions:
1. When have you felt like you were doing life alone?
2. Do you have a trusted friend to turn to anytime day or night?
3. Describe a time when being disconnected hurt your ministry.

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