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Matt Carter: Life Is Short

March 10, 2011

Life Is Short
The speaker said “never trust a man of God who doesn’t walk with a limp.”
I want to tell you about how I got my limp… 5 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. It crushed me, frightened me, and shook my faith. I went through depression.

Another pastor began ministering to me. “I know this–God is calling you to live with unction.” …“It means to live with Holy urgency.” “Read Psalms 39 and call me tomorrow.” David is praying to the Lord. David asks a question of God in Psalm 39:4 Why would David ask of God to show him how short his life is? The answer in the following verse is because most men live their lives in vain.

There is a direct connection between you understanding how short your life really is and the urgency with
which you’ll live that life. If you knew for a fact that tomorrow you would die, and this is your last night on earth, how would you live tonight?

You would live it with urgency. It would change the way you pray. You’d pray with more passion. It’d change the way you treated your wife. Change the way you spoke to your children.
It’d change the way you view sin. If tomorrow you die, are you going to look at pornography tonight? No you won’t.
It’d change the way you read the scriptures. You’d read the scriptures as if they were a lifeline between you and the father. A couple weeks ago I found out that for 5 years now I’ve been cancer free.

Discussion Questions:
1. What would you do differently if you found out you had 24 hours to live?
2. Start now.


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