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Marriage Ministry Spreecast with Watermark’s John McGee

June 15, 2012

On June 13th Leadership Network hosted its first Spreecast ( with John McGee, Director of Marriage Ministry and Re-engage at Watermark Church in Dallas. Thirty-seven participants from 25 churches joined us for this hour conversation centered on the landscape of marriage today, what various churches are doing to take advantage of this great opportunity, and what Watermark is doing to strengthen marriage relationships at Watermark and in the community. To view this Spreecast go to: Here a a few take-aways:

Landscape of marriage today–Five Big Trends

1. Co-habitation–seen as normative and wise (

2. Delay of marriage–couples skittish about getting married

3. “Graying” of divorce–Divorce at age 50+ has doubled (

4. Status weddings–$40b industry

Many churches are seeing this as a great opporunity to live out a different story about healthy relationships. Watermark does four things to strengthen marriage (these can be found at

1. Merge: Premarital ministry 

2. Foundation Groups for newly married–small groups meet with a mentor for 15 months

3. Re-engage: for couples who resurrect, re-engage, and reconnect in their marriage

4. Yearly emphasis from the pulpit

John's presentation was followed by 20 minutes of Q & A.

If you find yourself thinking about strengthening healthy marriages and relationships we invite you to consider joining me for Leadership Network's Marriage Ministry Innovation Lab that will begin in October 2012. Innovation labs meet twice in Dallas with an online meeting six months into the process. Innovation labs are proven formats for advancing the ball on all that is missional. To find more about this lab please go to 

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