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Mark Driscoll: Two Sparrows in a Hurricane

April 13, 2011

I made mistakes early in ministry, I had a better plan, vision for the church than our family. Grace is not organized naturally. I’m more organized but less pleasant. She’s the sweet one in the family. She wasn’t telling me how frustrating it was to organize life with me. She didn’t know: where I was, what I was doing, when I’d be home, how to coordinate schedule with 5 kids. She didn’t say much, but it dawned on me that I was inconsiderate and rude. We talked about it. I needed to coordinate life with Grace to get my home life and ministry life coordinated.

I then meet with my staff and put my personal schedule around my family schedule. A recent report said the majority of clergy are burned out. I burned out myself a few years ago. Meeting with Grace to put together a plan for our life is super encouraging.

We also have one another’s calendars on our laptops.
 • We email invitations to events and details.
 • We know exactly what the other person is doing.

It allows us to live together as one, like God intended. As simple as that sounds, I encourage leaders to weekly set aside time with your spouse and coordinate your schedules. Odds are, one of you is more naturally organized; that helps to disciple and love and learn together. That’s the game changer for me.

Discussion Questions:
1. Evaluate your communication with your family. Does your family schedule come first or your ministry schedule?
2. How do you prioritize communication and time with your family
3. Plan how can you implement your own scheduling meeting with your family.

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