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Margaret Feinberg: You do Not Have

April 25, 2011

I began going, “Lord, help.” As I am praying I sense the Holy Spirit speak to me. He said, “Margaret you have not because you ask not, you ask not because you have not.” I’m wrestling with this. I understand the first part – we need to be more intentional about letting those in the community know our needs. “What do you mean I don’t ask because I don’t have? What don’t I have?” Sensed God saying, “You have no idea of what I am capable of. You have no idea how much I want to pour out my blessing and my love in this community.” I say, “okay Lord, have your way with me.” You started out, God, by saying we don’t have because we don’t ask. God, I’m going to begin by asking. I go business to business asking for donations. Some people are really good at this. Meanwhile, I’m insecure and fearing rejection. As I began to ask, I began to have something. I began to have a new understanding of God’s love and generosity. Because when I am fearing rejection, I began to see that the thing that compelled me to ask was God’s love. I discovered God’s love in new measure. The more I laid hold of that love, the more I had that, the easier it was to ask. When I asked, we began to have. We saw God provide in unprecedented ways. (series of examples) We have more of God’s provision at the camp. I have laid hold of a deeper understanding and appreciation of His generosity. My question for you is where does God want to go big?

Discussion Questions:
1. Prayerfully journal where God wants you to “go big.” Identify your next step.
2. In your faith journey, what area do you think God would be most likely to tell you that you “lack because you don’t have?”

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