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Making the Shift from Consumer Christians to Committed Disciples

July 18, 2016

Do you dream of a church full of disciples and not just a crowd of consumer-critics?

It didn’t start out this way.  Either you planted a church that drew a crowd of hard working, dedicated, sold out followers of Christ, or you took over the reins of a thriving, growing church of world-changers, and somewhere along the way, things shifted.  Slowly, over time, many of those disciples—and those that followed after them—became “card-carrying” members, entitled to all the rights and benefits due them.

On top of that, changes in culture and characteristics of emerging generations have rendered many of your more “effective” disciple-making efforts useless.  Engaging, growing, and retaining Kingdom-minded people is much more complex than ever.

You know things must change.  They can change.  Your church and its impact on the community depends on it.  But how do you make the shifts necessary to effectively lead consumers to become cross-shaped disciples?

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It takes exposure to new ideas and thinking, as well as time to plan and prepare in order to make that shift.  That takes an investment of time and money.

Right now, we can help you save both.

HUB:Discipleship is an opportunity for you and your team to take a giant leap forward in your thinking and doing when it comes to developing disciples.  In this 12-month journey with teams from other large churches across North America, you will share ideas, gain valuable insights, and accelerate results as you interact with these leaders, expert thinkers, and the Leadership Network team.  The HUB:Discipleship process will help you and your team achieve twice the results in half the time!  Throughout this experience you will:

  • Explore key elements of effective life transformation and how they should impact your disciple-making efforts.
  • Learn how to create a “coaching culture” that can help shape the spiritual journey of others.
  • Discover strategies for intentional conversations and connections that facilitate spiritual development.

And for a limited time, you can save $1000 if you register your team by July 31st!

You get the same value and experience for your team, but now at a cost that is easier on the budget.

I know this opportunity will make a difference in your efforts to further the vision of your church.  Just be sure and click on the button below to learn more and schedule a phone conversation.  Then, if your team qualifies*, complete registration and payment before July 31st.  Include the promo code JULYSALE and the discount is yours!

Still have questions?  Click the button below to learn more!


*HUB:Discipleship is designed for churches over 800 in average weekend worship attendance that have an active discipleship strategy, are open to new ideas and models, and are looking to collaborate with other leaders and teams.

Reggie PictureReggie McNeal serves as Director of HUB:Discipleship, a 12-month collaborative experience that brings together creative church teams, expert thinkers, and experienced practitioners to explore the processes, cultures, and conversations necessary for life-change. Learn more about Reggie.

“Discipleship” always lands at or near the top of church leaders’ list of pressing concerns. Why does accomplishing Jesus’ Great Commission directive – to make disciples – seem to elude so many churches and church leaders?


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