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Love Without Walls: Learning to Be a Church in the World for the World

April 5, 2012

love-without-wallsIt’s all around us: Poverty. Unemployment. Crime. Hopelessness. Anger. Disenchantment. Injustice. We want to respond. We want to do something. 

We have good intentions, but our efforts at helping others can sometimes make things worse. And many communities are already suspicious of the church and its motives. So how can churches effectively serve the needs of their communities in ways that communicate the love and grace of God?

According to author Laurie Beshore, churches need to step up and take action, but it all begins by getting to know the people in your community and establishing relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

This is the compelling 25-year story of how Mariners Church, a growing Megachurch in Irvine, CA, broke down the walls separating them from their community through acts of loving service. They also made their fair share of mistakes along the way, and these hard-earned lessons are now of immense value to a new generation of church leaders seeking to serve their own communities.

Laced with practical teaching and transferable principles for churches and ministries of all sizes and styles, this eye-opening book is filled with powerful stories that are both heartbreaking and inspiring.

Love Without Walls will not only better equip next-generation outreach ministries to spread the message of Christ, it will help every Christian more faithfully live out the great commission in their daily lives.

By Laurie Beshore

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